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College Advisement & Tutoring

Take it to the next step and beyond

The Door provides college advisement and tutoring through a program called Talent Search.  Talent Search can provide the support and guidance you need to make your way to graduation, college and beyond. Our goal is to inform you about all of the opportunities available to you, no matter your current grade.

Talent Search counselors provide one-on-one support to help you:

  • Successfully complete high school or get your GED
  • Re-enroll in high school if you dropped out and wish to return
  • Figure out your post-graduation plans, whether that’s college, a vocational training program, or a non-traditional or alternative program
  • Determine which school is right for you by arranging college trips and visits from college representatives
  • Prepare for SATs, ACTs, Regents and other standardized exams
  • Understand how you can pay for college, find scholarships and get financial aid
  • Prepare for life in college, including how to be successful once you arrive
  • Continue to be successful each year you’re in school

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How to enroll

The first step to enrolling in Talent Search is to complete an intake interview with a Talent Search staff member.  We use this interview as an opportunity to figure out your interests, experience, educational strengths and weaknesses, eligibility and potential.  We want to learn about the whole you, not just your test scores and report card grades.  This is the best way for us to figure out how to serve you. 

How Talent Search fits into The Door

While Talent Search is housed at The Door, it is a University Settlement program.  Since Talent Search focuses creating opportunity, it is often necessary that our young people have access to the wide range of resources available at The Door, including:

  • Legal Services to become to become an emancipated minor in order to file as an independent student
  • EPOCH to get your GED and job training skills while preparing for the transition to college
  • Counseling to find support dealing with the changes that living away from home might bring
  • Health & Dental Services in order to complete his/her immunization records for college admissions
  • Creative Arts to explore an interest in art, music or dance, or to provide assistance in developing a portfolio for college

By providing so many services in one place we help you navigate the challenges of adolescence and prepare you to succeed in college and beyond.

For information about

  • Tutoring, secondary academic re-entry or volunteer opportunities, contact Justin Richardson (ext. 3229) 
  • College advisement, email or call ext. 3251 
  • College advisement for Spanish speakers, contact Denise Manjarrez (ext. 3372)

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